Thursday, April 1, 2010

How To Make Him Love Me Again

How To Make Him Love Me Again

Have you been turning this question over and over in your head: "How to make him love me again?" Many times women wind up asking themselves this exact question, and don't even remember how they got to this point in the first place. What happened to that person who used to show you he cared and loved you? When did he drift away? Often the change takes place slowly and it is not caused by one incident or even many incidents, but a gradual built-up of hurt, frustration, anger, or other negative emotions that were never brought to the surface.

So, regardless of how you ended up in this situation, you are now asking yourself "how to make him love me again." The good news that it is possible for you to bring back his love towards you. How you do it will depend greatly on your particular circumstances and personalities. But in general, you will want to start with these two steps, if you haven't done this already: (1) give him some space, and (2) concentrate on yourself.

If you're feeling scared and desperate about getting your guy back, you are conveying that to him and, in most cases, this will only push him further away. Take a deep breath and let him go. If at all possible, avoid any contact whatsoever. If that's not possible, minimize the contact and keep it friendly but businesslike. This serves four purposes. It gives him some breathing room so he no longer feels trapped. It also gives him the chance to actually miss you now being around. It will make him curious as to what has made you let him go. And finally, it will free your mind to think about someone else. . .yourself.

Before you can win his love back, you need to make sure you love yourself. Take care of yourself by eating right, getting enough sleep, trying to exercise, and making time to do things that you enjoy. Go out with the girls every once in a while. Join a new club, sport, or activity. Spend some time alone or spend more quality time with the kids.

Whatever it is, dedicate yourself to this. This will help you find your inner self again--the one that you've lost a little bit with your relationship problems. You may have to force this step in the beginning but once you start feeling better and looking better, this new lifestyle will become more natural. Many who get to this stage actually decide that they don't even want him back.

They continue on this path or they end up meeting someone new who alignes better with their personalities. But if you do still know in your heart that he is the one, only now should you contact him. Now you are stronger and no longer unsure of yourself and desperate. How you proceed from here may vary according to your specific situation, but without those first two steps, you will not ever get the answer of "how to make him love me again."

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