Sunday, September 26, 2010

He Dumped Me--How do I Get Over it?


Everyone hopes that their relationships will stand the test of
time. Unfortunately, though, many relationships fail--and most
of us end up dealing with more than a few broken hearts during
our lifetimes. It's tough enough when a breakup happens as a
mutual decision; however, when a guy dumps you, that can make it
even more difficult to handle.

If he dumped you and you need some help in getting over the
loss, read the following suggestions and give them a try. They
will help you to live through the stormy days following the
breakup and come out on the other side feeling ready to move on.

1. Go ahead and grieve.

While it may sound melodramatic to 'grieve' over a breakup, you
have experienced a deep loss. Therefore, you need to grieve and
get those emotions out. For the first few days it is ok to cry
and mope around and feel sorry about what you have lost. Get
support from close friends if needed, but do NOT contact your ex.
You need to let go of the relationship, act as if it is buried
and gone.

2. Get rid of any evidence of your ex.

Go through all of your belongings and get rid of everything that
reminds you of the breakup. Put away all photos of him and any
gifts he gave you. As for what to do with them, it depends. You
may want to pack up photos as possible mementos for years later.
With gifts, you may want to pack them up, sell them, give them
away, or donate them. It is completely your decision as to what
to do; however, be sure to get everything out of your sight.

Don't forget to change or remove any of your ex's playlists on
your iPod or MP3 player. Change your telephone ringtones if
necessary as well. Eliminate all traces of him from your life so
that there will be nothing to remind you of him on a daily

3. Make a list of what irked you about your ex.

Yes, right now you are still missing him because he dumped you;
however, take a few moments and think about how your relationship
really was. There had to be some habits or quirks about your
boyfriend that you found to be exasperating. Write these
down--as many as you can. Think about everything, from big
issues (maybe he refused to stop talking on his cell while
driving, even though you considered this to be dangerous) to the
little concerns (perhaps he often spilled sugar on the counter
when makin his morning coffee and never wiped it up).

The point of making this list is to show you that your
relationship was not perfect and that your ex is not worthy of
being worshipped. In addition, you may just see that there were
troubles in the relationship...and that perhaps a part of you
already realized that you two weren't the ideal couple.

Maybe he dumped you--but you will survive and find a way to move
on if you follow these suggestions.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

5 Simple Tips To Get Ex Boyfriend Back


Ex Boyfriend To Get Back Read 5 Simple Tips

It is not easy for you and your ex boyfriend to get back after a
breakup. However, there are a few tips that you can follow to
have him back again. So many people don’t succeed in winning
their ex back. It's not really our fault. No one ever handed us
an instruction book when we first started dating that taught us
how to handle a breakup. Much less, how to get someone back
after a breakup.. If you want your ex boyfriend back then these
5 simple steps should help achieve your goal:

1.The first tip which will help you and your ex boyfriend to get
back is to get your head straight. You need to get rid of the
negative thoughts. You have to stop feeling sorry for yourself.
You have to be willing to be strong.

Don't let your emotion and especially depression keep you down.
You can't achieve a goal, if you can't keep your emotions in
check and your mind clear. Negative thoughts are destructive

2.Accept that the relationship in its prior form is over. All
the wishing in the world isn't going to allow you to go back in
time and change the way things happened. You can't let your mind
keep wandering into the past.

Focus on what is going on now. If you realize that the
relationship of the past wasn't perfect you're heading in the
right direction and laying the foundation for you and your ex
boyfriend to get back. Remember you are most likely glossing
over all the bad stuff that happened. Think about this; the
relationship didn't get broke in a day. Don't expect to be able
to fix it in a day either.

3.Don't pester your ex boyfriend. Guys just don't like it when
girls become obsessive about them. Especially ex boyfriends.
You may want to seek comfort by hearing his voice or seeing his
face, but if you really want him back, you must back off for a
while. Don't continuously call him, text message him, email him,
or go to his place or where he hangs out just to see him. Give
him time to realize he may have made a mistake. He may begin to
actually miss you. If you blow it, you may have a tougher time
getting him back.

4.Become an object of desire. If you can, get some new makeup.
Get some new clothes. Get a new hairstyle. If you've picked up a
few pounds, start exercising and eating healthy. When you look
good on the outside, you're going to start feeling better about
yourself on the inside. By feeling good on the inside you will
be confident and happy. When you're confident and happy, you
will project this image to others. You will become an object of
desire to men. This includes your ex boyfriend.

5.Take it slow. If you followed steps 1-4 your ex boyfriend at
some point will probably get in touch with you. Imagine his
surprise when he sees the “new” you from step 4. He will
probably be sorry that he broke up with you. Keep your physical
contact with him to a minimum, if you do see him.

Seeing you looking your best and seeing that you've become
confident and happy will make him desire you. If you limit your
physical contact with him, this will drive him crazy. It will
probably help to ensure that you don't just jump back into a
relationship only to breakup a short time later.

These tips may not be easy for you to do at first. You may want
to give in and call him or see him, but you have to resist the
temptation. These tips will help you and your ex boyfriend to
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Relationship Building Blueprint


Are you looking for a proven strategy to get back with your ex and save your relationship? Do you want to put this plan to work immediately and see results within days... instead of months or years?

If so, I know you'll find this free information to be very valuable. I'm going to show you precisely how to pull your Ex back and recapture the romance you once had when the relationship was new. This is what you've been waiting for "Relationship Building Blueprint" will help you mend your relationship and win back your ex even before they know it's happening.


Marriage Requirements For A Happy Union


Perhaps it's a sad commentary on our society that the legal requirements for marriage are relatively simple. The main things the law wants to be assured of is that both parties are old enough, not related and that they pay to file the marriage license. Let's face it, that's a pretty low bar to get over. This lack of more marriage requirements must also be one of the root causes for the high divorce rate in this country. But as you will see, that doesn't have to be the case.

Those are only the legal marriage requirements though. Virtually any couple that wants to get married can do so. It's easy; maybe too easy. However, the other prerequisites are much more meaningful and have a bigger impact on how happy a couple will be. What these requirements all basically boil down to are compatibility.

But what about the concept of "opposites attract"? The truth is that it is more of a romantic notion than true reality. Study after study has shown that even if opposites do attract, they very rarely stay together. this is because there is too little common ground on which to build a relationship. While it can be appealing to meet somebody that is so different from you, the novelty soon wears off. That doesn't mean you should each be carbon copies of one another, far from from it. But you should have a few things in common. Of course, these are all things you should know before you even start thinking about getting married.

There are three main requirements for marriage. If you find that any of these are missing, that's okay. Just being aware of them gives you a chance to make them a part of your relationship or improve on them if needed.

Good Communication. You have to be able to talk to each other, not at each other. The secret to this is listening. That's much more than hearing what your spouse is saying, you also have to pay attention and try to really understand. If you are unable to communicate with one another, then your marriage is headed for trouble. The good news is that better communication techniques can always be learned. That being said, communication will only work if you meet the next prerequisite.

Respect. Everything derives from respect. You take each other seriously (in a good way) and are accepting of you each are. Don't talk down to each other. While you may each have different roles within the marriage, neither one of you is more important than the other.

Love. As the old saying goes, "Love conquers all". When you have love, you can live with the other things not being what they should be. However, there can be a problem when only one of you are in love. This puts things too far out of balance, and means it will be harder to work things out. But as long as the feelings of love are mutual, there are no other requirements of marriage that really matter.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Can This Marriage Be Saved


Can This Marriage Be Saved - Perhaps

If you find that your relationship with your spouse is in a lot of trouble, you have probably asked yourself "can this marriage be saved?" No matter how bad it may seem, the answer is that it most likely can be saved. Even though the divorce rate is far too high, virtually every marriage can be salvaged, as long as the couple is willing to do whatever it takes.

However, there may be some marriages that are not worth saving, at least not in their current state. If you are in a marriage that is mentally or physically abusive, then asking if it can be saved is not the right question. Then you need to ask if you can be saved from the relationship. It's not easy, but it is critical that you get out. Perhaps your spouse will change, but you need to make sure, and see solid proof before you give them a second chance. Luckily, such exceptions make up only a small fraction of all marriages.

So, back to the question of whether or not your marriage can be saved. Well, it can only be saved if you want it to be saved. And, the fact that you are reading this is a good sign. However, take some time to seriously reflect upon whether or not you really want it to be saved. It's okay to answer no, so long as you answer honestly and after plenty of thought. Either way, something as important as a marriage shouldn't be taken lightly.

Now, if you have given it enough thought, and decided that you still love your spouse, and that you would like to stay married, then you are already on the right path to making it work. And it will take work. It's better to be up front about it, than it is to give you false pretenses and say it will be easy. It will take commitment and effort, but most things worthwhile do.

The first thing you have to do is talk to your spouse. You need to let them know that you think your marriage is in trouble. They will either agree, or have no idea whatsoever. But you need to open the lines of communication on the issue if you want to move forward.

Note your spouse's reaction as you bring up the subject. Are they shocked, sad, angry, hurt or confused? Whichever it is, respond accordingly. This will be your first opportunity to show you care about your spouse and keeping your marriage together. You have to remember that you are most likely catching your spouse off guard so try to be understanding of their feelings.

The next step is to commit to making things work out. You will also need to have your spouse's commitment to do the same thing. Granted, you may have to explain your reasons for why you're asking can this marriage be saved, and let them know you would like it to be saved.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to Get My Ex Back When He Has Moved On


Have you lost your boyfriend, and are now asking for help on
"how to get my ex back when he's moved on'? Don't bother moping,
because what you have lost does not mean you have lost it
forever. Here are some quick and simple tips for learning how to
get your ex back even if he has moved on to another woman and no
longer appears to be interested in associating with you.

1 - The first step to getting the man of your dreams back is
finding a way to convince him that he still wants you. Unless he
really, really does not want anything to do with you, then there
are a number of options that you can employ from this point on.

2 - One of the most advantageous things that you can do is
simply to be his friend. Make a really good friend to him,
showing him that you understand him and that you can be around
him without creating any drama. Show him that you can joke around
with him and have a healthy friendship with him. When the drama
and stress of the relationship and breakup have subsided, he may
realize that he wants you again.

3 - When you communicate with your ex boyfriend, be sweet and
kind to him but don't be afraid to have a little bit of attitude.
You are going to want him to want you, but you're also going to
want to give him the feeling that he cannot have you just yet.
While playing games is not the best way to go, you do not want
give an air of hard to get, making him more interested in the

4 - You should be playing a little bit hard to get, but you also
want to make sure that he knows you are available. You shouldn't
completely rule out the concept of flirting and hanging out with
friends, because drumming up a little bit of jealousy never hurt
anyone - But it is important that you play it safe because if he
doesn't think you are available, he probably will not find the
motivation to pursue you.

5 - Avoid acting desperate at all costs. If you act desperate,
your ex boyfriend will under estimate you. You are going to want
to play things cool, letting him know that you are okay with
everything that has happened, and that you are willing to move
on. If you act desperate, things won't work out the way you are
intending them to, so avoid doing this at all costs.

6 - Any time that you know he is looking at you, or if you feel
like he is looking at you, look at him out of the corner of your
eye. This sidelong glance will let him know that you are paying
attention to him, but in a mysterious "you can't have me" kind of

7 - Casually remind him of some of the best times that you have
had together. These good memories will help him to remember how
good the two of you used to be together. Don't bring up any bad
memories, because it will only hurt his bad side, which will not
do you any good.

These are just the beginning steps in winning your Ex back. They
are the initial steps I followed when I lost the love of my life.
And frankly these aren't my original ideas. I turned to Mike Klade
when I had no idea of how to get my true love back.

Mike authored a simple, down to earth step by step plan
called "Get Your Ex Back". And you know, it worked like
magic for us. Now we are more in love than ever.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

How A Rebound Relationship Can Work In Your Favor


If you have broken up with the love of your life and she is in a
rebound relationship, how do you get her back?

A rebound relationship is one where she is dating someone else
to get over you. Rebound relationships keep people from having
to deal with the emotions of breaking up. They’re used to help
people move on from a real love.

And that’s the key to getting your ex back. She’s in a
rebound relationship to deal with losing you.

It does not matter why she lost you. It doesn’t matter if it
is your fault or hers. It doesn’t even matter who actually
called the relationship off. What matters is that you have a
real love.

Because virtually all relationships founded on real love can be

If she’s in a rebound relationship, she will be focusing on
what is wrong with your relationship. If you were a “good
guy” she’ll probably be hanging out with a “bad boy.” If
you were into philosophy, he’ll be watching Monday Night
Football. Or, vice versa.

The fact that she is actually focusing on the differences in
your styles is actually good for you for two reasons. Her
attention is still focused on you even when she’s with the new
guy. And, it gives you a chance to see what she’s looking

If she’s with someone as different from you as possible, it
means that she was missing something in your relationship. You
can use the time she’s with rebound man to improve yourself.

Let the rebound relationship run its course. Because, as she
spends time with the new guy, she’ll start to see the flaws in
him. After a month or so with rebound man, you’ll start to
look pretty good.

That’s why you don’t want to crawl back to her right away.
Let her develop the idea that she misses the good things in the
relationship. When she’s ready to make a move, be magnanimous.
Welcome her back graciously. Be a new and improved boyfriend,
but don’t do the chasing.

Here are some specific steps to take when your ex is in a
rebound relationship:

· Don’t try to convince her that you are the love of her
life. Let her discover this on her own.

· Don’t apologize profusely. If you did something wrong, you
can say you’re sorry. Once. But move on. She knows the real
reason she loves you.

· Don’t make promises to change. You are who you are and
that’s who she fell in love with.

· Don’t try to make her see that it wasn’t your fault. She
will come to appreciate that over time – but only if you
haven’t made her invest energy in defending her position that
it was your fault.

· Never, ever beg her to take you back.

When you ex starts going out with someone just after you break
up, she’s in a rebound relationship. You can make up with her
and get back together. Don’t despair. The rebound
relationship is a sign that she’s still in love with you.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Free Advice On How To Get Your Ex Back - Does It Work


Free advice on how to get your ex back is abundant online, but how do you know if the advice your getting is any good? Who can you trust? I would recommend you trust yourself. Find some advice, read it and listen with your heart not your head. If the advice 'seems' right, it probably is. If you really want to get back with your ex your heart is the one tool you should be using the most anyway, start there.

I don't know you, I don't know why you and your ex are through,and I don't know how long you've been apart. What I do know is that no matter how the problems show up there is almost always one main cause...not being able to communicate. You've probably heard that yourself over and over again. You may even be sick of hearing it. But it's true and until you and your partner learn how to truly listen to each other you will continue to struggle, even after you've gotten back together.

Don't make it hard, it's really not. It's just so easy to fall into bad habits. Learn how to identify those habits and you can change them. That way you can be happier in all areas of your life, not just your romantic relationships. The best way to change bad communication habits, believe it or not, is to take a good long look at the type of person you are.

Try to pinpoint areas of insecurity and doubt. These are the parts of you that make it difficult for you to truly feel worthy and these are the parts of you that make it easy for you to treat your partner with less than stellar care. You might not really feel worthy of being loved so subconsciously you push away the person who loves you. You may feel (deep down inside) that you need to push them away before they leave you. If you are doing this you probably don't realize it. Accepting this and getting help for it can make a huge difference in your relationships and the change can be obvious to your ex, that is great free advice on how to get your ex back.

Please don't dismiss any of this advice just becomes it seems too simple. In reality it's not simple to change deep seated habits. It will take time, attention, and a strong desire. But acknowledging these bad habits and making an effort to fix them will allow you to become a much better person.

Good luck on your quest to get your ex back. No matter what the problems were before, or how long the two of you have been apart it's never too late to take control and make things work out the way you really want them to be. It really is possible to do if you're willing to use this free advice on how to get your ex back, don't dismiss it just because it seems too simple.
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Get Back Together With Your Ex - Timming Is Everything


Want to know how to get back together with your ex? You may think that it's impossible, but in most cases, it's not. It's always best to give your ex a little time before you talk to them. Let them cool off somewhat and spend some time alone. Many people want to rush right back in because they're afraid that if they give their ex too much time they will find someone else. And sometimes they do, but don't worry, rebound relationships rarely work out. Just give both of you some time to breathe.

Another thing to keep in mind is that unless you make some changes things will only work out the same way when the two of you do get back together. You don't want that do you? Of course not, no one wants to repeat a cycle where they cause pain for themselves and their partner. That's why it's a great idea to figure out what went wrong the first time. By doing this you can make some changes so you don't just repeat the same destructive cycle over and over again.

So, when trying to get back together with your ex, how do you figure out what went wrong? It will take some time and honesty. The best way is to think back about some of the arguments you and your ex had. What did you argue about? What did your ex complain to you about regarding your behavior? For example, if your ex says you never listen then that means, at least from their perspective, that you aren't really 'tuned' into them and their needs. Now, of course, this might just be their perception, but more often than not, there's some reason they believe this to be true. If you look honestly at yourself and your behavior you may see some of what they are talking about.

So, now that you have some ideas of what issues you've had, now what? Well, now you change. I know, I made that sound easy and it will take time but that's the next step. Once you are aware of the way you act, it's much, much easier to make changes. We tend to do (and act) in default mode most of the time. It's not until we actually, consciously, choose to monitor the way we act and the things we say that we can make real changes. It will take time and practice to make these changes, but you can do it if you want to badly enough.

The really neat thing about all of this, is that not only can you get your ex back and have a great relationship with them, but you'll also be a better person.

So, to recap, if you really want to find a way to get back together with your ex and making it last this time, your best bet is to face up to the problems and find ways to fix them. Accept the mistakes you've made and learn to improve on the person you are. Once you show this side to your ex they will probably be calling you and begging you to get back together. Cool huh?

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Best Friend In Rebound Relationship With Ex


Best Friend In Rebound Relationship With Ex - Dont Despair

What do you do when you discover your best friend in rebound relationship with ex? You thought that the break up with your ex was only a temporary separation and you would soon work things out and get back together. Every relationship has it's problems, right?

Now you feel betrayed and all alone. You can't even talk to your best friend because your best friend is one of the people who has betrayed you. You are still in love with your ex and want them back. So what do you do?

You may feel confused, hurt, and angry. All of these feelings are normal and it is ok to feel them for as long as you need to but you need to learn how to handle them properly, especially if you want your ex back. Do not let the anger and hurt consume you. Keep yourself busy with other things to take your mind off everything.

If your best friend is in a rebound relationship with your ex, do not panic. Do not fly off the handle and confront them right away either. Rebound relationships are notorious for not lasting long. If you are patient you may just be able to play things right and get your ex back after the rebound relationship is over.

Stay calm and try to remain friends with your ex. Show them that they made a mistake by rebounding with your best friend. Best friend, yeah right. What kind of friend would intentionally betray someone they consider their best friend over a boyfriend or girlfriend? No one I want as a friend.

Anyway, if you still want your ex back, just be patient and let the rebound relationship run it's course. When the rebound relationship is all done and over, continue to be patient and take things slow. Do not expect to just pick up the relationship where you left off. You should treat this as a new relationship, take things slow and try to work on what went wrong in the first relationship.

Ask your ex to meet you for coffee and work your way up to dinner and a movie. Keep communication a priority and talk about everything. You have the advantage of knowing each other already so you can expand on that and truly learn how and what the other is thinking and feeling.

In trying to treat this as a new relationship, let all bygones be bygones and do not hold on to any grudges about past mistakes. Forgive and forget. If you find yourselves playing the blame game and holding on to grudges, your relationship will not last. The best thing you can do at this point is go talk to a counselor and try to work things out before your relationship ends for a second time.

So if your best friend in rebound relationship with ex and you want your ex back, the way to go about it is to be patient, take things slow, forget about past mistakes, learn to forgive one another, and see a counselor if you need to.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Getting The Boyfriend Back - Cool Tips For Doing So


Want to know some cool tricks for getting the boyfriend back? well, there are some things that may just work well for you. Of course, a lot of it depends on what happened between the two of you and how you've handled things since the breakup. If you've been a screaming shrew it's going to take longer. The best thing to do is to get started today.

Give your guy some space. Don't be clingy, whiny, or needy. None of those things are a huge turn on and it's unlikely that if you act like that he's going to be thinking 'Wow, I'm really missing out'. Be you, don't get obsessed with getting him back, instead live your life and figure out how to improve on the person you are. What part did you play in the relationship falling apart? Figure out what you did wrong and than improve on it.

No one is perfect and no one is completely to blame when a relationship falls apart. Figure out how you can improve and what you may have done that contributed to the extinction of your relationship. Then address those issues so if you and your ex do get back together you can make it work this time around.

Even if you and your ex aren't able to make things work, at least you'll be a better person and you'll bring a better person to all the other relationships you'll have. You really can't lose.

I know it may be hard for you to face up to some of your foibles but it is totally necessary. Don't think, like many women do, that you can fix all the problems all by yourself either. For now it's enough for you to fix you but if the two of you do get back together it will have to be a mutual effort. Unless you were with a total saint and you are completely responsible for the problems both of you will have to work on things. But that's something that will come later, for now it's all about you and getting boyfriend back.

Once you've given your guy some space, and had some time to take a deep breath, the next thing you should do is try to find your ex and see if they want to get together. Nothing fancy, don't act like the two of you are going to get back together, you're just getting together as friends.

This meeting can tell you a lot about what your chances of making things work out really are. For example, if the two of you do meet and your ex seems really happy to see you, that's a good sign. It might not turn into anything but it's definitely a good start.

But if your ex spends the whole time talking about his new girlfriend, it's not such a good sign. Again, no matter what happens at least you can walk away knowing that you tried and that you didn't make a fool of yourself. Not only that, but you've spent some time improving the person you are. No matter what happens, these tips will help when it comes to getting the boyfriend back.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Can I Get My Girlfriend Back


Can I Get My Girlfriend Back - Yes - Possibly

The answer to the question 'can i get my girlfriend back?' is yes... probably. You see if your girl still loves you, no matter how much you've messed up in the past, she will more than likely be receptive to you if you can prove to her that she won't be wasting her time and that she won't get hurt again. No one wants to be hurt and no one wants to set themselves up to be hurt by trusting someone who has already proven they can't be trusted. For this reason you will probably be able to win her back but you had better expect an uphill climb.

The first step is to give her a little time and space. Don't rush her or expect everything to happen quickly. It takes a lot longer to rebuild trust than it took to tear it apart. More than likely by the time you've gotten to this point you've let her down more than once. Please don't think that all that past hurt and all those mistakes will go away and she'll forget about them just because you say 'I'm sorry' or you tell her that 'I've changed'. She'll probably need to see some proof that that is true.

It's important for you to concentrate on yourself instead of just trying to convince her you've changed. It will take you time to truly change the person that you are and you don't want to make the mistake of thinking you can somehow 'trick' her into believing you are a different man.

It's true, you may be able to but what will that accomplish? Eventually she'll just see that you've lied to her... again and she'll just leave you all over again. Eventually she won't fall for it and the two of you will truly be done. Much better to actually make the changes and make them permanently. It will not only give you the answer to the question 'can i get my girlfriend back' it will also help you to keep the relationship strong and just make you a better man overall.

Depending on how much time has passed since the two of you broke up, you may want to start all over with her. Pretend like the two of you are just getting to know each other. Take it very slow. The worst thing you can do at that point is to try and talk her into trusting you again. This is just more lip service. Instead try to spend time with her, just as a friend, and let her see that you've really changed. When she sees it with her own eyes it's much more likely that she'll learn to trust you again.

Remember, if you want to know 'can i get my girlfriend back?' the answer really lies mostly with you. Love doesn't die that easily so unless you really treated her badly it's very likely that she still cares for you. It's up to you to prove to her that she's not a fool for it.
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Getting Back Together After A Break Up


Getting back together after a break up, is it possible, and if so how? First things first, yes it's possible to reunite with your ex after a breakup but the exact method and timing will depend on several factors. For one thing, why did the two of you break up? Did you leave or did they? How long have you been broken up for? What have you said and done before during and after the breakup? It's hard to give a one size fits all answer to that question but there are some common things that will work for most people.

First of all, remember, it takes two, no one person is totally responsible for everything that went wrong in the relationship, though that doesn't mean it's 50/50 either. Sometimes one person is more responsible for the trouble than the other. Figure out where you are in all that. How much of what went wrong are you directly responsible for? Come on, be honest. It may not be much fun to face up to the things you've done but if you really want your ex back it's the only way to do it. After all, why would they even consider getting back with you if you haven't changed at all?

Once you've figured out how you screwed up the next step is to fix it. Nothing fancy, just figure out what areas you can use some improvement in and improve. This is a real win/ win situation. no matter what happens with your ex, you'll be a better person for the rest of your life. Not a bad deal all in all. Getting back together after a break up will require you to do this step.

Once you've faced things, made changes and are ready to show off what a great person you are, it's time to find your ex and let them see the shiny new you. Again, this step will depend a lot of how everything ended. Assuming there weren't too many sparks, and hopefully no restraining orders, you might want to casually suggest to your ex that the two of you meet.

Hopefully they'll accept, if not you may need to try to spend some time with mutual friends and let them see the new you. More often than not word will get back to your ex about how much you've changed. It won't hurt to let your friends know that you want to get back with your ex... your ex will probably hear about it through the grapevine.

Don't meet with them with the idea of talking them into taking you back, nope. Just meet with them and let them get to know you, the new you. Show them who you've become, talk is cheap, let your ex see for them self the changes you've made. That is the best way to convince them that the two of you have a chance of making things work this time around.

So, with some luck, patience and a lot of love you may just find that
getting back together after a break up is possible and good for both of you.

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