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How Do I Get My Wife To Love Me Again

If you're wondering, how do I get my wife to love me again, the short answer is that she probably still does love you. It's an unfortunate truth but many times couples will still love each other but they just get so caught up in their day to day lives that they kind of 'forget' about each other. It happens all the time and unless you've really treated your wife badly for a long time or you've cheated on her, she probably does still love you. The two of you just need to remind yourselves about that love.

Our society can be very busy and very stressful. There are more distractions around than ever before. It seems people are always texting, tweeting and updating their status. What people don't seem to do as much of anymore is to connect with the people they love. Just sit together and talk (or just sit together and enjoy the moment, the quiet and each others company). Slow down and 're-introduce' yourself to your partner.

Doing this one thing can make a world of difference. A word of caution, though, don't think you can spend this time together once a year and it will be enough. You and your spouse have to connect on a deeper level often in order to keep the passion and the love alive.

If you and your wife have gotten to the point where you are more like room mates than soul mates you really need to disconnect with the outside world and reconnect with each other. There are many ways you can do that but one of the best (other than the quiet time I mentioned above) is for the two of you to spend time doing things together that you both enjoy.

If you and your wife like to play tennis, than by all means, go play tennis. The same goes for playing golf, hiking, biking, bird watching, antiquing, etc. It doesn't matter what the activity is as long as you both enjoy it and it allows the two of you to spend time together enjoying life together. This can really help the two of you bond, you'll always have the memory of that great time you spent together. It's these times and these memories that can hold a relationship together when things get tough, don't under estimate their importance.

If your marriage has really spiraled out of control, than you may need the help of an outside source like a counselor. Having an objective third party help steer you and your wife through some of your issues (which can help prevent all the useless fighting) might be the best thing you can do. A counselor can not only help keep the peace, but they can also help both of you recognize what the problems are and how to fix them.

I have good news for you,you can get your marriage back on track. The amount of time and effort it will take will depend on how far apart you and your wife have grown as well as the reason for that disconnect from one another. Step one should be to spend time alone with your wife getting re-acquainted, then you can build from there. Following this advice will help you figure out your question: how do I get my wife to love me again?
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